Jacqueline leaves her audience with  actionable insight on how to utilize digital marketing to increase ROI while developing brand advocacy.

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Talk One

Learn the 5 Secrets to Social Media Advertising & how to Leverage Them For Your Business In An Ever Changing Landscape

Learning Objectives

  • Uncover how Tik Tok is changing the way advertisers create content
  • Review 2 real-life case studies of successful companies marketing on social media
  • Understand how to design creative and ad copy that converts
  • Discover the marketing differences between Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram and how they can fit your brand
  • Learn how to create brand loyalty and advocacy through email nurturing
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Jacqueline is a highly effective communicator who delivers an industry-leading perspective on sustainable, omni-channel growth strategies to drive higher conversions.

Connor D’Amico, Analyst, Elixir

Talk Two

How You Can Generate A Consistent 7X ROAS Using Pinterest Paid Ads

Learning Objectives

  • Discover how the back end of Pinterest ads manager works
  • Review 2 real-life case studies of successful companies marketing on Pinterest
  • Understand how to design creative that converts
  • Learn how to budget and deploy your campaigns
  • Learn how to read, optimize and pivot from the data coming in from your campaigns
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