“I Never Wore The Tuxedo” – Jacqueline Ball’s Journey to Founder of Sozoe Creative

April 4, 2023

Jacqueline Ball is the founder of Sozoe Creative, a boutique marketing agency that offers full marketing services, website design, strategy formation and ad campaign management. Based in Jacksonville Florida, the company serves clients from around the world and places a special focus on Pinterest marketing.

Jacqueline’s Beginnings: Twenty-Four Hours In New York

Jacqueline’s professional career started when she arrived in New York in 2009. After arriving in New York, she immediately connected with a catering company. She took the interview and landed the job, but not before insisting to meet with the corporate side of the company. “I knew I had what I took to be successful on the other side of the business, I just needed to get my foot in the door.” After securing both a job and the phone number to one of the corporate executives in the company, she rushed to spend her last $100 on a new tux for the catering job. Her day was just getting started. After purchasing the suit, she received a call from the executive that she if she could make it, there was an open interview for an executive assistant position. She made the interview, and again, secured the job. “I ended up never working the catering job or wearing the tuxedo.”

After four years working her way up from office assistant to HR Director, Ball left the company for a short stint as a Marketing Communications Manager and some freelance work in Jacksonville, FL. That’s when she walked into her next big opportunity.

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