Digital Marketing Through Pinterest: How One Business Utilizes It to Create Success

April 10, 2023

Eight years ago, Ball started her digital marketing agency, Sozoe Creative, at a time when social media marketing was still in its early stages. The company has since become well-known for its expertise in social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Sozoe Creative’s primary focus falls to website building and branding, SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, and traffic to conversion, with Pinterest being one of their highest priorities and best niches. They find themselves averaging about a 600-700% return on ad spending through the platform.

In the beginning, Sozoe Creative struggled when building its portfolio and taking on smaller clients to build this portfolio. It required them to work harder, but through their dedication and hard work, they managed to establish a strong foundation and grow their business.

Sozoe Creative has since become an expert in utilizing Pinterest’s unique advantages to help their clients achieve their digital marketing goals.

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